Monthly Archives: September 2021

Talking Shop with Andrew Mosawi, President of iATS Payments

I recently had a great conversation with Andrew Mosawi, President of iATS Payments. iATS Payments is the primary payment processor for SimplyFundraisingCRM, and they are experts in the nonprofit industry. Along with my 12+ year personal relationship with Andrew, it was an easy decision for us to partner with them. In this interview, we discuss how SimplyFundraisingCRM got started, how…

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The Best Email Ever!

Launching a new company- let alone a comprehensive CRM/database for nonprofits- is hard work. There is so many moving pieces it’s easy to forget why you started the company in the first place. In my case, it was simple. After a 25 year run with DonorPerfect, a new majority owner emerged and made changes. And those changes did not include…

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