Donor Retention

Talking Shop with Andrew Mosawi, President of iATS Payments

I recently had a great conversation with Andrew Mosawi, President of iATS Payments. iATS Payments is the primary payment processor for SimplyFundraisingCRM, and they are experts in the nonprofit industry. Along with my 12+ year personal relationship with Andrew, it was an easy decision for us to partner with them. In this interview, we discuss how SimplyFundraisingCRM got started, how…

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Forget Donor Retention, DARR to be Different!

For years, nonprofits have been grappling with the concept of donor retention and why it matters.  But in reality, it’s Donor Annual Revenue Retention (DARR) that is the King of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) Sad Donor Retention Rates  A friend of mine was not having a good day. “Our donor retention is down again,” she exhaled.  “I don’t see how…

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