It’s Official! SimplyFundraisingCRM joins Community Brands

Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce that SimplyFundraisingCRM has joined the Community Brands community! Joining with Community Brands will enable us to invest even more in simple and easy-to-use fundraising CRM software that anyone can use and everyone loves. After I left DonorPerfect more than 2 years ago (I founded DonorPerfect Online in 2001), I knew there had to be…

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It’s Time to Grow!!!

It’s Time to Grow! After a successful launch of SimplyFundraisingCRM and hearing the awesome feedback of happy and successful customers, it’s time to really ramp up our marketing and sales effort to get the word out!! Small or smart nonprofits can count on SimplyFundraisingCRM to save time, increase communications, and raise more money with their donors. All in a software…

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Scarcity vs. an Abundance Mindset

I’m 49 years old.  Old enough to remember the oil embargo in the 70’s and remember the recession in the early 80’s, but young enough to be inoculated from these troubles by my parents. And I also remember asking for new toys, a new computer, and my parents saying, “No”. Why? Because my parents instilled in me the value that…

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