It’s Time to Grow!!!

It’s Time to Grow! After a successful launch of SimplyFundraisingCRM and hearing the awesome feedback of happy and successful customers, it’s time to really ramp up our marketing and sales effort to get the word out!! Small or smart nonprofits can count on SimplyFundraisingCRM to save time, increase communications, and raise more money with their donors. All in a software…

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Forget Donor Retention, DARR to be Different!

For years, nonprofits have been grappling with the concept of donor retention and why it matters.  But in reality, it’s Donor Annual Revenue Retention (DARR) that is the King of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) Sad Donor Retention Rates  A friend of mine was not having a good day. “Our donor retention is down again,” she exhaled.  “I don’t see how…

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Nonprofit Strategic Planning- Strategy vs. Tactics

What really makes up a good nonprofit strategic plan?  What is the difference between strategy and tactics?  And WHY does it matter? There seems to be a lot of interest in strategic planning, especially now that the current COVID-19 crisis is forcing everyone to dust off their strategic plan and decide which parts to keep, which parts to change, and…

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