Hey everyone,

I’m excited to announce that SimplyFundraisingCRM has joined the Community Brands community!

Joining with Community Brands will enable us to invest even more in simple and easy-to-use fundraising CRM software that anyone can use and everyone loves.

After I left DonorPerfect more than 2 years ago (I founded DonorPerfect Online in 2001), I knew there had to be an easier way for nonprofits to use technology to save time and raise more money for their mission.

This includes new technology that’s so easy to use, you don’t even need a password, yet is still secure, like using Facebook or LinkedIn. And it works on any device- your computer, tablet, or phone- with just one click of a MagicLink. And you don’t get logged off unexpectedly either- how frustrating is that???

And speaking of ease of use- SimplyFundraisingCRM has artificial intelligence (AI) to guess what you are searching for! If you are struggling just finding donors in the first place, imagine what a modern, AI powered interface can do to save time!

So for these reasons, Community Brands made an offer that made the most sense for our customers. It will eventually be called GiveSmart CRM, under the GiveSmart umbrella of fundraising solutions for special events, auctions, and online/mobile giving.

I have to thank our awesome initial customers- especially The Guidance Center and Information Center, for believing that they could replace their legacy systems with something more modern. I also have to thank our Expert Advisory Board, who created the dozens of fundraising videos that helps everyday fundraisers save time and raise more money through inspirational advice and training. And none of this could have happened without our staff, including Nikkii Kashub, Jason Raede, Nancy Jones, and our talented developers Mateusz Bełczowski, Julia Wyka, and Michal Ambrożewicz!

Finally, I have to thank my wife Sue, for believing in me! For those entrepreneurs out there, you have to surround yourself with people willing to both ask tough questions and who love you. This way, when you are trying to figure out how to make payroll, or take yet another risk to expand the investment because you are just *sure* it’s going to pay off for your customers, you have a support system in place!

And sometimes these decisions go right. And sometimes they go wrong.

Luckily for SimplyFundraisingCRM’s customers, we found the best partner in Community Brands!

I’m looking forward to yet another chapter in my career where I will be head of Fundraising Strategy at Community Brands, and make sure our efforts will always help nonprofits save time, increase communications, and raise more money. If we do those three things, the revenue will flow naturally, and EVERYONE will be successful.

That’s how you build community, IMHO.

Thank you for reading!


Jon Biedermann
Vice President of Fundraising Strategy and Founder of SimplyFundraisingCRM
Community Brands

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