Monthly Archives: July 2021

It’s Time to Grow!!!

It’s Time to Grow! After a successful launch of SimplyFundraisingCRM and hearing the awesome feedback of happy and successful customers, it’s time to really ramp up our marketing and sales effort to get the word out!! Small or smart nonprofits can count on SimplyFundraisingCRM to save time, increase communications, and raise more money with their donors. All in a software…

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SimplyFundraisingCRM- Start in 20 Seconds!

It’s been a long 18 months since I was let go from my dream job at DonorPerfect (I started in 1995 and was let go in 2020), and I’ve been really busy!  I surrounded myself with fundraising software experts in the industry, hired the best staff, and launched what I think is the most game changing fundraising technology for nonprofits…

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