Happy Customers

Save Money Collecting Donations

Recently, one of our newest clients, The Children’s Grief Center, shared with me that they received a large grant from a local foundation. Funding was about to happen, and the foundation preferred to use a credit card to make the payment. In SimplyFundraisingCRM, you can easily collect a credit card payment over the phone, or even send a secure payment…

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LIVE – GivingTuesday & SimplyFundraisingCRM

Happy GivingTuesday! If you are one of the tens of thousands of nonprofits and donors participating, thank you for your support and generosity! Typically on this day, I would be camped out in New York City at GivingTuesdayHQ, having been involved with GivingTuesday from the very first year (2012) and every year since. But both COVID-19 and starting a new…

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The Best Email Ever!

Launching a new company- let alone a comprehensive CRM/database for nonprofits- is hard work. There is so many moving pieces it’s easy to forget why you started the company in the first place. In my case, it was simple. After a 25 year run with DonorPerfect, a new majority owner emerged and made changes. And those changes did not include…

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